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Are you facing a hard time finding a tenant who can pay the price you desire? I get it, it can feel like you are making a loss when thinking about how much cash you have to top up above the rental income to make your monthly mortgage payments. But on the other hand, your unit has been vacant for months and you’re paying the monthly instalments entirely from your pocket…

Are you really shortchanging yourself when you accept a lower rent? Is it better to wait and risk leaving your unit vacant for longer than expected?

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Case Studies

Let's Dive DEEPER...

Many landlords are overly concerned about achieving a rent to fully cover monthly instalments. When the following article surfaced, existing landlords agree with what the article says, and potential landlords expressed their concerns to me. Some even said they would wait it out before investing in a property, so that they could avoid getting stuck in this situation.














They were convinced that they would be making a loss if they were to

rent out at a rate lower than their mortgage installments. 


To make it clear, the installment comprises of principal and bank interest. The principal pays towards the property, which means that you are paying off your house over time. When you sell the house, the whole principal amount goes back into your pockets.


On the other hand, the interest is paid to the bank, which is regarded as an expense


On top of the bank interest, other monthly expenses when owning a property include the maintenance fees and prorated property tax.


Expenses do not pay down on the property, and cannot be recovered from the sale of the property.

Therefore, do you know that

As long as your rental income covers/exceeds all monthly expenses,

you are not losing money?

In actual fact, any rent excess of the installment is a profit to you, because it helps to pay towards the principal.


In other words, your tenant is helping to pay off your house!


Even in a slowing rental market where you would need to top up the principal payment from your own pocket, it is a form of a forced saving. Think of it as making deposits into a bank account that you can withdraw from in future.

Let's look into a real life scenario that I have encountered. An offer of $4,500 was received, $300 short of the landlord's ideal price. The landlord decided to forgo it and wait it out. At that point in time, there was a good supply of available units in the market, so tenants had many choices and therefore, had more bargaining power.


Under such conditions, other landlords who feel the strain of paying the full mortgage from their pockets would accept $4,500, which lowers the benchmark price.


When faced with such a situation, the landlord could choose to continue to wait for his ideal price. But in reality, for every month that he spends waiting, he would lose out on $4,500 in rent that could have been collected if he had secured that tenant much earlier on.


Eventually, landlords would realise that more transactions are hovering around $4,500, or even lower, when more and more landlords are urgently securing tenants. This makes waiting futile, and months of actual rent would have been lost. 

Landlords may be facing a tougher time amidst the supply glut. Yet, the real estate market is a cycle, and for every bottom there will be a peak. As long as landlords are clear of the concept detailed above, they can still benefit greatly by having their unit rented out quickly.


Have a peace of mind with your property investment! 


Let me guide you to your next home purchase and maximize your profits!

My Strategies and How it can Help You

Layouts are part of a Larger, Comprehensive Strategy

Layouts analysis and selection are part of my strategy to help buyers to maximise their capital appreciation opportunities on new launch and resale condominiums. Besides layouts, there are a number of different factors that I use to create a winning formula for clients from all walks of life.

With the many resale condominiums and upcoming new launches in the market, I can help you make the best purchase with your needs and objectives in mind.

Assisted many homeowners

Generating wealth through properties safely

Over the years, I have assisted many clients on their home buying and investment journeys, using my Signature approach. Clients have generated wealth though their property transactions, which enables them to realise their aspirations and dreams.

Some clients have gone on to upgrade their lifestyle and build their legacy by buying into Landed properties, while some have right-sized their properties, thereby realising their retirement funds and some have purchased investment properties to build on their financial and retirements needs.

Meet Your Realtor

Meet Celestine Gui

A Dedicated, Passionate and Responsive Realtor

For more than 6 years, Celestine has been providing lightning fast quality service to her clients, which is evident from the numerous testimonials that her grateful clients have provided. This dedication to clients forms the solid foundation that Celestine has built her real estate career on.


Prior to becoming a realtor, Celestine worked in a sales role in the financial industry, which was pivotal in developing her client service and financial analysis skills. Bringing these skills to the real estate industry has enabled her clients to enjoy her customised and swift attention to their property matters.

Celestine Gui  Real Estate 3
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Celestine Gui Real Estate

While her initial focus was in Punggol, Celestine has expanded her service islandwide, where she has transacted more than 120 resale Condominiums and HDBs, together with new launch Condominiums.


Celestine combines data, financial and trend analysis to empower her clients with the information and statistics that clients need to make an informed decision for the best value and most suitable property purchase.


Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

I am very honoured to have receive many appreciation notes from clients 

As a first time buyer, there was a lot that I did not know. Celestine was very helpful in explaining the process and providing recommendations and advice. She was always very prompt and responsive throughout the process.

- Loi Kah Hoe (Buyer)

Recognition of Achievements

Consistently Receiving Awards

Celestine’s dedication and hard work to deliver the best for her clients, has earned her many commendations and praises from the PropNex Management. Some of her coveted awards include the Platinum Achiever and Top Individual Producer awards.


She is very grateful for the continuous support and trust from her clients, colleagues and the Management, which motivates her to scale greater heights in delivering service and value in the dynamic Singapore real estate market.


Get in touch with me

For a non-obligatory call and assistance with any property related queries.

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Celestine Gui

PropNex Realty Pte Ltd

CEA Reg No. R058229A

Senior Associate Director

Contact: 9296 6781


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